A Voice Inside Your Head

Telephone logoI was pleased to be invited to participate in Telephone, Satellite Collective’s fascinating world-wide artistic experiment/game. It’s like that telephone game we all used to play as kids–except in this case, the message gets translated from one artistic medium to another. I was tasked with reinterpreting of a mysterious little stop-motion animation that I received from somewhere in the world, and then my work was sent on to three other artists, and on and on…

Here’s my contribution: A Voice Inside Your Heada short audio-theatrical experience for one listener. Please wait to press play until you are alone. Also, please make sure to listen at full volume, using headphones. Enjoy.

It was a delightful challenge to figure out how to create a theatre piece that could be sent electronically across continents. My solution was to create an audio recording that essentially guides the listener in playing the roles of both audience member and performer, (hopefully) creating a real-time, live theatrical experience.