Emerie Snyder announced at age five that her hobby was “thinking about lots of things.” It’s still true.

She especially likes thinking about things like mirrors, maps, memories, animals, paintings, layers, language, opposites, tiny objects, and big questions.

Her art makes the connections between those many things–in the form of ephemeral live performances that bridge theatre, visual art, and shared space. Audience, space, time, and language are her artistic mediums.

Emerie’s work often happens in unconventional places, and always asks you, the audience, to be an essential co-creator. Her pieces tend to take playfully unusual approaches to audience/performer connection: A play in the form of a map that arrives in your mailbox, a museum tour led by an inanimate object, a site-specific walk where participants tune into a time traveling radio show…

Lines blur between reality and theatricality, surprising juxtapositions appear, it’s all a bit beautifully absurd, and you’re invited to look at the world just slightly differently.

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