10 short plays by Samuel Beckett, Stephen Belber, Sheila Callaghan, Sarah Carbiener, Anton Dudley, Brian Patrick Leahy, Joyce Carol Oates, Erica Rosbe, Davy Rothbart & Richard Strand

Including 5 new plays commissioned by Emerie Snyder and The Intentional Theatre Group for this production

Directed by Emerie Snyder

No play is an island.
A collection of short one-person pieces.

Archipelago consists of 10 short one-person plays that explore themes of solitude, self, and theatricality. All of the plays in Archipelago explore the different ways people relate to, and deal with, their own isolation. A woman stuck trapped inside her own mind, a desperate man in a jail cell, an artist with dynamite strapped to her chest, or a boy in the midst of jumping to his own death who finds hope in the seconds after jumping off a building. All of the characters confront, and ultimately come to grips with, the boxes they’ve created for themselves.

Featuring: Therese Barbato, Sarah Carbiener, Daniel Owen Dungan, Nick Lewis, Lethia Nall, Gavin-Keith Umeh & Dan Via

Produced by The Intentional Theatre Group & Small Pond Entertainment. Altered Stages, NYC, 2007.