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Coming to you live (or perhaps not), from our isolation to yours, it’s…. RIGHT NOW!

What are we supposed to do while we’re stuck inside? What can we create from the insanity of this world? Is anything live anymore? Is time meaningless? Are we all trapped in one big endless Zoom call???

The answers to these questions may never become clear, but one thing is certain: It’s as good a time as any for an absurdist virtual variety show!

Created by playwright/deviser Max Mondi, director/deviser Emerie Snyder, and media designer/deviser Adrian D. Cameron, RIGHT NOW! appears across The Tank’s digital programming in 2021. The show’s segments embrace and play with new digital platforms—poking holes in them, stretching the fabric of their limitations, and exploring the surreal nature of our lives during this time of terrifying change and uncertainty.

RIGHT NOW! offers some reprieve. Some recognition. Something deeply silly for our deeply traumatic times.

We all may be locked inside, staring at our screens, and not showering as much as we used to. But we’re all experiencing that same thing, on a global scale that we’ve never seen before. This show is an invitation to just be together in our isolation, just for a few minutes, just a bit absurdly, just right now.

It’s not theatre.  It’s not TV.  It’s RIGHT NOW!