The Intentional Theatre Group

Emerie was the founder and artistic director of The Intentional Theatre Group (The It Group), 2006-2012.

our mission:
the intentional theatre group is a continually-shifting, project-based collaborative company of artists who share the belief that vital theatre happens in the space between the audience and the stage. the it group works to highlight the tensions that fill this space by staging productions with a passionate commitment to clarity of intention.

our guiding principles:
INTERACTION: the it group’s productions explore the dynamic relationship between audience and stage.
INTENTIONALITY: Our work demonstrates our strong commitment to clarity and specificity.
IDEAS: We take pride in our shamelessly intellectual sensibility, but we’ve got a healthy sense of humor about ourselves, too.

a quote we really like:
“What really happens in the theatre does not occur only on the stage or in the audience, but within the magnetic current between these two poles. The actors on the stage forming the active pole of this magnetic circuit are responsible for the integrity of purpose with which a play is performed. On this depends the quality of the exciting current between stage and audience.”
-Rudolf Laban, The Mastery of Movement, 1950