Umbrella Houses

Created by Nick Lewis & Emerie Snyder

Workshop production directed by Jess K Smith, as part of Dixon Place’s Works-in-Progress series in April 2012.

Fact: The earliest metal-framed umbrellas were made using surplus steel ribs from corsets. Isn’t it funny how the same things that hold you in, also hold the world out?

Umbrella Houses is a play about a man on a stage and a woman on the run, and how the things that protect you can just as easily collapse. He lives alone in an empty theatre–until he invents an audience to keep him company. She spends all her days traveling the world, sending gifts to random strangers who never write back. And you arrive just in time to see what happens when their paths collide.

Naturally, there will be a dance number. Dorothy and Scarecrow make an appearance, too.