Created & Co-Produced by Emerie Snyder
Designed by Lina Younes
Co-Produced by New Georges
Presented as part of Post Theatrical, a national wave of plays by mail

“Emerie Snyder’s dream/home is a lovely box of joyful possibility. … I was delighted to open the box and find the inside a magical silver instead of the traditional brown, transporting me into another idea of the world as we know it right from the start. … What dream/home does well is playing on the natural magic of the universe. There were many moments during my self guided experience that I found myself marveling in the strange ways the world works.” — Allie Marotta, No Proscenium

Your dream adventure starts here. Choose your own path. Dream/Home is an object-based, non-linear, theatrical exploration of your own home and surroundings, led by a playfully mysterious map that connects you to someone else’s world. You receive a package from far away…oh look, there’s a map inside…maybe a few clues…might as well see where they lead?

After completing a simple (yet slightly mysterious) questionnaire, Dream/Home audience members will receive a package containing a map of someone else’s world, several intriguing objects, and guidance on how to use the map to explore their own home environment.

By superimposing a different landscape on top of your own, you might begin to look at the ordinary world just a bit differently.

Dream/Home is part of Post Theatrical, a national wave of plays-by-mail occurring in Spring 2021, conceived and coordinated by RealTime Interventions.