Ephemeral FM

Ephemeral FM

a site-specific audio-theatrical experience for one listener

Tune in to a time-traveling radio show and hear callers who’ve visited one particular block of South Portland Avenue throughout history.

“…as Emerie Snyder’s smart and witty writing on “Ephemeral FM” found its rhythm, I did stop, and look. Really, truly looked at every corner of that gorgeous, fascinating block. I’d never before given a second thought, and now I’ll never see it the same way.”— Joey Sims, No Proscenium

***To experience Ephemeral FM, you’ll have to make your way to Fort Greene, Brooklyn, NY–specifically, the SE corner of South Portland Ave and Fulton Street. (Tip: you’ll be right outside The Broccoli Bar, and the side of the building has a big COMANDANTE BIGGIE mural.) Be sure to bring your headphones!***

***When you get there, click here to tune into the show.***

You can also check out Ephemeral FM as part of EXITS, an audio-theatrical journey through the Brooklyn neighborhood of Fort Greene, created by Rachel Gita Karp, Deneen Reynolds-Knott, Emerie Snyder, and Dina Vovsi.

sound design by Brent Arnold, associate sound design by Sasha Falsberg

voiced by Amy Miyako

with appearances by Alton Alburo, Susan Bennett, Nick DePinto, Esther Geiger, Alinca Hamilton, Donovan Knott, Jenna Krasowski, Isaiah Seward, Emerie Snyder, Joel Snyder, and Lina Younes

special thanks to Rachel Gita Karp

video trailer by Moti Margolin / Samovar Film Productions