EXHIBIT is a site-responsive participatory performance structured as a gallery tour, re-adapted for each gallery/museum. Small groups of audience members are led on what initially seems like a straightforward tour. Then gradually, a fictional story emerges, both inspired by and in contradiction to the visual artwork. Lines blur between fiction and reality, and thematic currents emerge: memory, metaphor, transformation, motion, stillness, water, and ice.

EXHIBIT: Works on Water Variation

June 2017 – 3LD Art & Technology Center

Developed through a 2016-2017 Water Residency through New Georges and premiered as a work-in-progress during Works on Water, a month-long, multi-disciplinary art event at 3LD Art & Technology Center

Director/Writer: Emerie Snyder
Performers: Elizabeth M. Kelly, Nick Lewis, Megan Melnyk, Lim Mui, and Jordan Douglas Smith
Script Assistant: Nick Lewis

EXHIBIT: Brooklyn Museum Variation

January 2017

An audio tour demo version, designed for the permanent collection gallery.

Director/Writer: Emerie Snyder
Voice Performer: Celeste Lawson

This is Not a Museum Tour

April 2019 – Elsewhere – Greensboro, NC

More details here.

Photos by Sura Mallouh, Jason D’Souza, and Emerie Snyder

EXHIBIT has been many years in the making (and future incarnations are on the way!). Much gratitude to my early collaborators who helped develop this project, including Nick Lewis, Marissa Molnar, Bubba Weiler, and Carl Wiemann.