This is Like That

written by Michael Sean Cirelli
directed by Emerie Snyder
performed by Michael Sean Cirelli (Dream Up, Flying Solo) and Jordan Carlos (All For One)

A man walks into a lecture room and says to the class… no wait, sorry. So there’s a lecture hall, a slide projector, and an apple… there’s supposed to be a man? Oh right, the man walks in. So a man walks into a lecture room—no wait, there’s no apple. What I mean is he wants to tell the world about the beauty he finds in language, only he can’t find the words for it.

A show for anyone who has ever felt misunderstood, or felt they might feel understood but weren’t. This is Like That is a one-person play that grapples with questions about language, identity, religion, and the stories we tell others and ourselves.

Also, there’s definitely an apple.

Production history:

Staged reading, Fall 2015
Workshop production, TheaterLab, April 2016
Secret Theatre, Flying Solo Festival, May 2016
All For One Theater, SoCo Workshop, March 2018
Theater for the New City, Dream Up Festival, Aug-Sept 2019

photos featuring Jordan Carlos by Emerie Snyder
photos featuring Michael Sean Cirelli by Emerie Snyder and Carl Wiemann